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Ivermectin is a safe medicine that is proving to be effective in the fight against Covid 19

Help us get it approved and save many lives in the UK and around the world.

British Ivermectin Recommendation Development

BIRD is campaigning for UK approval for ivermectin to help it beat Covid


Partnering with worldwide clinical experts, BIRD recognises the growing body of research that shows that ivermectin is a safe, effective medicine we could use to combat Covid 19. 

Although ivermectin is licensed in the UK, it cannot be prescribed for Covid 19 until it receives Government approval.

Ivermectin is readily accessible and very low cost and can effectively reach worldwide populations very quickly. Our aim is to get ivermectin approved soon in the UK and around the world. Time is critical and we know that the quicker we deploy, the more lives we can save.

Please read more about ivermectin and subscribe to our campaign. With your help we can inform others and get approval for this drug that we believe will save lives and help people in the UK and around the world get back to a normal life.

Thank you!

The Team at BIRD

Ivermectin is a safe drug that can help prevent and treat Covid 19

The story of ivermectin goes back 40 years as an incredibly effective anti-parasite drug with a robust safety record. So remarkable it has been in ridding populations of various diseases that its inventors won Nobel prizes for their work. 

The WHO have included it on their ‘List of Essential Medicines’ for parasitic infections and to date approximately 4 billion doses have been given with very few serious adverse events.

Over the last year teams of scientists globally have been scrutinising existing licensed drugs to find ones that could help beat the pandemic. 

To their delight, the long-established ivermectin has shown very strong antiviral properties in fighting Covid 19. Similar promising results are shown via more studies that are taking place throughout the globe.

Safe, cheap, beats Covid

Ivermectin is showing great promise in treating Long Covid

Studies from around the world are building a bank of growing evidence that ivermectin can help treat those people who are suffering the extreme fatigue of post-covid effects known as  ‘Long covid’. Figures vary but as many as 10% of covid sufferers experience continuing symptoms for at least 12 weeks. Urgent solutions are needed to help sufferers regain their active lives. ivermectin has great potential in being one of them.

Backed by growing body of research

Clinical experts around the world are reporting consistently positive results attributed to the use of ivermectin in treating Covid. Approximately 7,000 patients have been included in 24 trials globally and more studies are being conducted as we speak. 

There is a significant indication of the medicine’s effectiveness across the vast majority of studies that makes the strongest case for further government sanctioned trials.

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Already saving lives around the world

Already many countries and regions around the world are implementing successful preventative and Covid 19 treatment programmes with ivermectin.

These include Macedonia, Belize, major regions in India, Paraguay, Peru.

For poorer countries, ivermectin represents an important treatment for Covid that is readily available, low cost and low risk being an established medicine that many have been using for decades.

Once the UK gives approval, it will give confidence for many countries to authorise for their own populations, reaching some of the poorest and disadvantaged worldwide


BIRD includes globally recognised medical researchers and practitioners

BIRD has brought together a richly diverse group of doctors, medical experts and other professionals from around the world to promote this incredibly important cause. 

There is no financial incentive for them in getting ivermectin licensed for Covid 19.

They are simply passionate about doing their jobs, helping to save lives and giving the public the information to make sound choices. 

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Safe, cheap, beats Covid

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Bird Group/EBMC Squared is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).

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Your monthly or single contribution will help us keep pressure on authorities to approve the safe drug ivermectin that will help beat covid-19 and save lives around the world.