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Dear Supporter,

A Message from us at Bird

Bird Group has been dedicated to our mission to allow the use of ivermectin everywhere to fight and beat the pandemic. 

As you know, on Friday, our Twitter account with 25,000 followers was abruptly suspended without notice or reason. This is just the latest attempt to stifle our ability to discuss ivermectin. Please ensure you sign up to our Telegram account.

Since our beginning, Bird Group has been under constant attack by well-funded organisations and authorities to try to dismiss the evidence. When they have no rational argument they resort to the ludicrous ‘horse drug’ shaming – ignoring the fact that ivermectin is just like many other medicines such as aspirin and antibiotics which also have veterinary versions. And when all else fails they attack our people personally. 

Media outlets present barely-qualified academics as experts to falsely criticise the benefits of ivermectin, and yet despite our attempts, they fail to reach out to any of our highly experienced and widely published researchers and analysts for a different view. For these journalists, balance does not apply to this debate.

We do wonder why there is so much effort made to attack a safe and cheap covid-treatment that won’t deliver huge profits?

Is it a sign of our success in promoting the actual evidence that they spend so much time trying to attack and gag us?

Our well-funded opponents have been relentless in finding ways to silence legitimate discussion; we are censored on Facebook and Twitter, our email service was shut down and even our T-shirts were banned just to make us go away.

But we will not go away.  Not whilst we know we can help people. We are doctors, it is our sworn obligation to save lives and speak out on the medical injustice being forced on us all. We will not stand by and do nothing.

We hit back with the facts.

We produce reports, analyses and other materials to share the evidence. Our meta analysis has ranked an incredible 8th most read out of 19 million publications. We have a comprehensive website featuring our own content and that of others.  We rebut complex yet unfounded academic attacks on the evidence. Dr. Lawrie is always ready to talk to the media (the few that do allow balance). Bird Group has formed alliances around the world to strengthen our collective voice and we are helping lead the way to show that we will not be quiet.

We support others

We actively support medical colleagues around the world who are being threatened for wanting to help their patients, or even just for speaking out about ivermectin. We have written to many government to urge them to look at the evidence to deploy ivermectin to help their own people survive covid. And despite the difficulty in obtaining ivermectin, we have taken the lead in producing practical home-care guidance for those with Covid, guidance that is completely lacking from the authorities.

We are eternally grateful for your messages and financial support.

You keep us motivated and inspired to continue this battle through the many difficult days. We certainly don’t feel alone when we know you have got our backs.

We are not going away. But we do need funds to keep up the pressure. Whatever you can give will be used to achieve the goal to get ivermectin deployed as far and wide as possible to treat and beat covid19.

Thank you for everything you do to help.

The Bird Team

World Council Launch Success

Last weekend, the World Council for Health was launched – an initiative to bring full and unbiased guidance to help individuals and their doctors make the best healthcare desicions.

The BiRD Group is extremely proud to be one of the 45 affiliates that helped set in motion the World Council for Health and our own Dr. Tess Lawrie is a member of the steering group.

The launch was a huge success with over 60,000 visitors to the site with many downloading the World Council for Health’s first publication for home treatment of Covid.

They have some exciting plans and more publications already being prepared. If you haven’t done so, we recommend you subscribe to their mailing list – and join the 6,000 who have already done so.

Visit and Subscribe

Shop is Back!

After attempts to silence our shirts, hamper our hats and muffle our mugs, the Bird Store is back!

Please take a look & stock up as you need!

Setting the record straight

As mentioned above, a huge part of our work is correcting disinformation from media and others. Here’s our latest publications.

Popp et al. Cochrane 

A sophisticated attempt to discredit our Meta Analysis. Instead of utilising all available evidence and presenting appropriate caveats around such wider evidence, they present an empty review with opinion but little analysis.

Read more

BBC Ros Atkins – 16 September

We find this broadcast to be a misleading piece intent on painting ivermectin as “dangerous horse paste” to repulse viewers rather than attempt to look at the hugely successful human medicine and the evidence for treating and beating covid. Read more

Dr Zelenko’s Covid Protocols

We have now published Dr Vladimir Zelenko’s Covid Prophylaxis and Treatment protocol on our Covid Care Guidance Page. Have a look here

Donation in memory of Dr. Dora Goldszajder Lorska

We were very honoured to receive a donation to honour the memory of the late Dr. Dora Goldszajder Lorska by one of her relatives.

Dr Lorska was a dedicated doctor, and an outstanding humanist, always consistent in her political views and ethical principles and became a widely revered and highly decorated for her humanitarian work during the Spanish Civil war and for heroic acts of bravery whilst a prisoner at Auschwitz.

Dr Dorota Lorska.
Source: Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim

We are deeply humbled by the message from her relative, Yaacov Kotlicki:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all the doctors, scientists and members of the Bird, FLCCC and similar organizations, that your holy mission and work will shine and shed bright light and overcome the darkness the world was lead into by corrupted people and organizations pretending to save the world while actually committing crimes against humanity.  The more I think about what you are doing, saving lives while sacrificing your own life, your families and career; to me, you are the “Righteous Among Nations” of the 21th Century.

You can read Dr. Lorska’s incredible story of triumph over the most horrific examples of adversity here

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

[email protected]

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