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Dear Supporter

There’s certainly growing noise around ivermectin in the last few weeks with growing support across many media. We continue to press for approval and thank you all for your kind support to ensure we can continue this essential fight to save lives.

New Blog: WHO, can you trust on ivermectin?

Our latest blog looks at the WHO and its duplicitous approach to ivermectin and how they have been played by Pharmaceutical companies and others with vested interests. 

 Update from EBMC Squared

The latest news regarding the progression of the Covid Care Clinic and Ivermectin approval. Read here

 Family wins right to ivermectin

Despite the might of agencies and media and medical authorities pitted against using safe ivermectin, we are still heartened by stories where they don’t always get their way. We salute the courage of the family of this seriously ill covid patient to force the hospital to allow ivermectin treatment.

We send our best wishes to them all and hope for a positive outcome.

Chamie draws the line at ivermectin efficacy 

 Juan Chamie an expert data analyst, known to many of you, has produced this excellent article showing how Uttar Pradesh province in India (pop. 240m) with an ivermectin program has suffered far fewer cases and deaths from covid. The difference is startling when you compare death rates with the USA and other Indian provinces where ivermectin is heavily restricted.

Read and share (and subscribe to his channel). 

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Dr Pierre Kory at the Florida Covid Summit

Definitely worth a watch: Pierre Kory’s hard hitting, no punches pulled presentation about early treatments. 

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Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

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Your monthly or single contribution will help us keep pressure on authorities to approve the safe drug ivermectin that will help beat covid-19 and save lives around the world.